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Known Causes of Speech Delay in Children

There are several factors that can cause speech delay. Knowing about them and addressing the ones that can be addressed is important Here, we will discuss some of the known causes of speech delay in children and what can parents do to address them...

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Tips to Mindfully Deal with Speech Delay in Children

Parents play an important role in the speech development of their children. Learn some great tips to help you deal mindfully with speech delay in your child. These tips will help you to make the best out of your time with your child and help them develop communication skills at the right pace...

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Selecting Toys for a Speech Delayed Child

When helping a child with speech delay, there are a lot of things you can do to help towards their development. To help kids with speech delay selecting the appropriate toys can help. Here are some tips to help you select toys for your speech and language delayed child...

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5 Free Online Speech Therapy Resources For Kids

There are several resources online that you can use for your kid to help in the speech development. Online therapy resources can be helpful to your child in a number of ways. Whatever the need of your child is, you need good and efficient online resources that are free. We are here to help out in your search for such resources that are absolutely free. Here are some of the best ones...

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13 Questions to Ask Your Speech Therapist

When looking for an experienced speech therapist for your child in South Africa you need to be sure if the speech therapist is qualified and experienced enough to take care of your child's speech developmental needs. To help you choose the best therapist, here are 13 important questions you must ask your prospective speech therapist...

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Parents Role in Speech Therapy Development

Over the past several years, the roles of a parent in speech therapy programs have changed. No longer are parents encouraged to take a passive role, merely observing the child’s therapy regimen. Parents are now needed to take an active part in the process. Here are some reasons why parents involvement in the speech therapy plays such a key aspect in their children’s progress...

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What Causes Speech Problems in Adults?

Speech problems in adults include any underlying condition or symptoms that can cause an adult to have difficulty with vocal communication. The different forms of speech problems are caused by different factors, and the severity of the problem may depend on the underlying cause. Here are the common types of speech problems in adults and the factors that can cause them...

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What Causes Stuttering in Toddlers and How to Treat It?

Stuttering is among the most common speech abnormality in children. Many children experience a stutter between the ages of 2-5 years. What causes stuttering in toddlers and young children and how to treat it? Find out the signs to look for, home treatments and professional speech therapy...

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Speech Therapy for Kids: 15 Ways Speech Therapy Helps Children

As adults, many of us take the ability to speak for granted. But for children, the journey of speech can be quite difficult and confusing. Speech therapy for kids. 15 ways that speech therapists help children. Find out how your child can improve their speech and work with speech pathologists...

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What Causes Speech Impediments
and Disorders?

Speech impediments are very frustrating. They can be embarrassing for the speaker and draining for their loved ones who want to try to help them. What causes speech impediments and disorders? Find out the signs of these disorders and how to treat them with speech therapy before it gets worse...

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Speech Recovery After a Stroke: Speech Therapy for Stroke Victims

A stroke is a terrible event. It can happen quite suddenly, seemingly without warning and leave the patient feeling horribly confused, trapped and panicked. Speech recovery is paramount for those who have experienced a stroke. Here are some practical steps you can take for recovery and find highly-qualified speech therapists...

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What Do Speech Therapists Do? What is Speech Therapy?

For most of us, speech is not a problem. We speak freely and easily and take the ability to do so for granted. What do speech therapists do? Find out what speech therapists help with and what happens at a typical speech therapy meeting to help you prepare better...

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