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5 Free Online Speech Therapy Resources For Kids

Last updated April. 29, 2018

Helping a child with speech and language problems involves several things and if you have a child that needs intervention, you will need all the helps you can afford.

There are skills, games, toys, books, and language modeling activities that can be really helpful for such children.

Getting access to some of these resources may not be so easy, but thanks to the internet, there are several resources you can get for your kid that has a speech disorder.

Online therapy resources can be helpful to your child in a number of ways: it can refine the skills he/she is learning in school; strengthen whatever skill he/she is learning with a speech therapist, or just help to sharpen the communication skills of the child.

Whatever the need of your child is, you need good and efficient online resources that will not take anything from your pocket. We are here to help out in your search for such resources that are absolutely free.

The essence of an online speech therapy resource is not to serve as a homework but as an opportunity to build on whatever he/she has been learning even while online.

Parents role in speech therapy development of a child is extremely important and these resources can prove to be very helpful for parents. These resources should offer an engaging and fun platform that will help the child to improve. Here are some of the best ones we know about.

Articulation games by Tracy Gefroh Boyd


This is an absolutely amazing site where you can find a lot of speech and language resources for children. Tracy Boyd has lots of articulation activities, phonological activities, as well as sequencing activities.

Once you access the site, you will be amazed at the number of resources available for children. The kid can plan, or you can help them to plan what game to play to sharpen their skills.

In the have more fun page, you will get the very best of speech articulation games. In this page, children will have fun in dealing with some of the most reoccurring problems of articulation.

They can choose from a variety of games to practice r’s, s’s, I’s, sh’s, and ch’s. The variety of games to play can be simply overwhelming but the greatest news is that it is free to access them. With the ‘ch’ sound, for instance, there is an initial ‘ch’ picture match-up where children can match pictures of words starting with ‘ch’.

There is also initial ‘ch’ games where they can match words beginning with ‘ch’ or complete a word search. There is also initial ‘ch’ hangman where they can play hangman with words beginning with ‘ch’.

There are games for final ‘ch’ words too. It is like this with many other sounds, so you can understand why we said the variety of games can be overwhelming.


This is another great website that offers lots of games for children in grades Pre-K through 8. They have lots of games and other educational materials that enhance the skills of children in different subject matters.

For the games that will help a child that is undergoing speech therapy, you should look at games that focus on such topics as vocabulary, grammar, and reading.

There are others that are just for fun, but be certain that the ones you access for your kid are just perfect for the specific need of the kid. You can specifically check out Plural Girls or Grammar Gorillas. You can also click on the reading tab for some great language activities.

Funbrain is a very safe online platform. It is jealously guarded to ensure that visitors obtain exactly what they want without the danger of seeing something obscene.

It is steadily monitored to ensure that only quality contents are available. The website does not collect personal identification information from kids.

For years, funbrain has been consistent in providing top games that help kids in learning so many things. Their materials will definitely help enhance your child’s speech therapy.


This is one of those websites that is completely packed with useful materials that will help a child in speech therapy as well as the parent.

The website is rightly referred to as a ‘Family playground’ due to the fact that they have great materials for both kids and their parents. Their materials are also made for teachers, librarians, and school administrators.

With the interactive menus, a world of opportunities is opened up and anyone can get any information he/she requires. There are varieties of games and activities for children and they are related to popular characters and children books such as Clifford, Magic School Bus, Walter Wick, and the popular I SPY.

There is also a free e-newsletter with different editions for parents of kids in preschool, elementary school, and middle school. website is one of the best places to get educational materials for children and there are so many of them that can help your child to deal with any speech and language problem and enhance his/her communication skills.

speech-resouces-for-kids is another great website where you can get several wonderful stories and interactive activities for different school children. From preschool kids to those in elementary schools, there are stories and interactive activities that can help deal with a lot of things including speech disorders.

For years, kids and their parents have enjoyed the several materials that have been dished out from story place. Here, it is not only about the stories, there are a variety of other things.

You can only understand how good they are when you finally get them for your child. Though the platform was invented to give children the virtual experience of going to the library and taking part in activities that are very similar to the ones experienced in traditional libraries, it has since metamorphosed to a completely powerful place that has changed lives.

The website has seen several improvements to become the wonderful platform it is at the moment. The great stories and activities are now easily available in desktop and mobile versions.

The website is also updated constantly to include materials for all different children with different needs. also have their materials in themes.

Each theme encompasses the online story, activity, printable ‘take home’ activities and suggestion for parents. Most of the materials are quite engaging and will definitely help your child’s speech therapy. Between the Lions


You may know about PBS kids television show of this title, but there is also a PBS kids website that corresponds with this. If you like the television show, you certainly will like this website.

It has a lot to offer and can actually help your child that needs help with speech and language development. There are lots of wonderful materials from this platform and you should be looking at the language and literacy activities.

They include stories that can be read or listened to, vocabulary activities to practice, video clips from the television show, as well as information that can guide parents and teachers.

They are normally segmented to suit children at different levels of the school system, but you should focus on getting materials that can help your child in dealing with his/her speech disorder/problem.

There are so many other places where you can look for online speech therapy resources, but the ones discussed here are our favorites.

They are not just sources of rich materials, they offer their contents for free too. You may need to speak with your child’s speech therapist, however, before using most of the materials.

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