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Finding the best speech therapist in your city can be challenging.

We’ve made the process easier by listing experienced and qualified speech therapists across South Africa so that you can make a more informed decision in working with them by comparing their profiles and rates.

No more difficult searching and comparing… find the best speech therapists in one place.

What Do Speech Therapists Help With?

While most people think that speech therapists only deal with lisps or stutters, they actually do far more than that. A few impairments that speech therapy helps with is the following:

  • Speech delays and disorders
  • Voice and resonance disorders
  • Language delays and disorders
  • Cognitive-communicative disorders
  • Swallowing and feeding disorders in adults, children and infants
  • Fluency disorders
  • Pre-literacy and literacy skills

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The Benefits of Speech Therapy


Fluent Speech

Communicate effectively and clearly without feeling shy or despondent


Greater Self-Esteem

Feel more confident and use this confidence in every aspect of your life


Better Social Skills

Develop social skills in various environments and with different people


Better Articulation

Improvement in the ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas and feelings

Here’s a short video explaining a bit more about speech therapy:

Speech therapists are highly-educated professionals. As in most healthcare related professions, they are required to study psychology, physiology, linguistics, anatomy, genetics, human and language development, acoustics and more.

They are qualified to evaluate, diagnose (where possible) and treat a broad range of delays and disorders to help you overcome your speech-related impairments.